Wednesday, April 20, 2011

French Banquets

Who should be doing French homework?
I have to use an overhead and speak in 
passe compose (past tense) 
and imparfait (imperfect tense)
 The trouble is..... 
I have a hard time speaking them both together.
I generally choose one or the other and stick to it.

This could get interesting.

On a brighter note!
Today was the Orem Highschool Swim Banquet.
We ate food...
and talked....
and we gave out awards...
and guess what award I got?

Sophomore Swimmer of the Year!
I thought for sure that Mckenzie Wells would get it,
since she is ABSOLUTELY amazing.
But instead she got Swimmer of the Year.

I love having her in my year,
cause she is so nice and a great swimmer,
but sometimes it is hard when there is no chance
of beating her.
But I love having her on my team,
so I can deal with losing :D

Well... Back to homework.


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